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Shoba Dewy Chugani

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Shoba’s passion with books goes back to her childhood years when her Dad bought her a set of 2 dozen early reader classic books to read over the school holidays. She devoured them in a matter of days and had to figure out how to spend the rest of her holidays.

 Shoba managed to get a degree in engineering, worked grueling hours as management consultant and then gave it all up for a fresh start in the field of early childhood education - complete with a degree in developmental psychology.

 As an educator, she shared her love of books with her preschoolers. There wasn’t a day that she did not read to them. And then she started writing her own stories for children and has never stopped since.
Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Shoba writes in both English and Indonesian. She has written articles and books pertaining to child development and learning, as well as short stories for the Jakarta Post. Shoba is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

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