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Trang Hoang & Pham Quang Phuc

Golda Mowe

Golda Mowe is Malaysian author who writes primarily about the Iban of Sarawak. The traditional stories and life philosophies of this indigenous tribe are a major source of inspiration in her work. Her novels Iban Dream (2013), Iban Journey (2015) and Iban Woman (2018) are published by Monsoon Books.

Aditi Krishnakumar

Aditi Krishnakumar has worked in the finance industry in India and Singapore, where she resides presently. Her first book, A Whole Summer Long, was published in 2012. Additionally, another of her manuscript was shortlisted for the Scholastic Asian Book Award in 2014.

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Shoba Dewy Chugani

Shoba’s passion with books goes back to her childhood years when her Dad bought her a set of 2 dozen early reader classic books to read over the school holidays. She devoured them in a matter of days and had to figure out how to spend the rest of her holidays.

Peter H. Reynolds

Marc Brown

Mac Barnett

Robert M. Edsel

Robert M. Edsel has had at least three clearly defined successful careers in his 61 years in a wide variety of fields. From his beginnings as a nationally ranked tennis player, to building a leading oil and gas exploration business that pioneered the use of horizontal drilling technology, to his achievements as a #1 New York Times Bestselling author writing about and representing heroes of civilization we today know as the Monuments Men, Robert has used his innate curiosity and love of learning to bring excellence, innovation, and integrity to all that he does.

Sarai Gonzalez

Eleven-year-old Sarai Gonzalez became an overnight sensation after appearing in Bomba Estero’s, “Soy Yo,” a music video about embracing yourself and loving your flaws. Sarai and the Meaning of Awesome is the first book in her new chapter book series inspired by her life. Sarai lives in New Jersey with her family.


Green Brook , NJ
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Green Brook , NJ
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Luanne Rice


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