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The Tower of the Elf King

Somebody has robbed the Lumpies' village. And it can?t be Lord Sparr- because he has mysteriously disappeared. The rumor is that a terrible beast is behind the crime. So Eric- Julie and Neal set off with Khan and princess Keeah to find the creature. Instead they find a big surprise!

Checkout Time at the Dead-end Hotel

You and your three classmates are on a school trip when your car breaks down. You have no other option but to check into Hotel Morte- otherwise known as dead hotel. The guests in this hotel are all ghosts. And they're out to make you see-through too! You can either try to escape through the doggie door or search for somebody named Drew Mortegarth- who claims to hold the key to your escape. But whatever you do - don't fall asleep! Or you won't live to regret it!

The Villainous Victorians

The Villainous Victorians lets you in on the darkest secrets of Queen Victoria's Britain - from hard-living- criminal kids to harder-hearted toffs who were criminally cruel.

I'm Nobody! Who are you

In her room in Amherst- Emily Dickinson wrote some of the most remarkable poetry ever composed. Only a few of her verses were published in her lifetime- but now all her poems are read worldwide. Her brilliant visions and haunting words cast a brilliant eye on the world around us and the world within us all. From the landscapes of nature to the landscapes of the mind. Emily Dickinson captures life in all its details and desires.

Reach for the Stars

Abby's class is putting on Peter Pan for the whole school. Abby wants a big part like Wendy or Captain Hook. But everyone else wants those parts too. So Abby needs to stand out at the tryouts. She will memorize every character's lines. She will learn to dance and sing. Abby just hopes she has what it takes to be star.

Trollz : How to Draw

All the girls and guys in Magical Trollzopolis have their own personal funky styles- and a flair. To share in the trollz friends passion - fashion - all you need are proper paper- pencils- pens and a keen eye for the coolest of trends! You won't need a magic spell- just follow the step-by-step instructions inside to learn to draw the trollz.

Starring Mirette & Bellini

Mirette and the Great Bellini sweep all of Europe with their act on the high wire, but when Bellini is arrested after a performance in St. Petersburg, Mirette is challenged to master the Death Walk to save him from prison, in the sequel to the Caldecott Medal-winning Mirette on the High Wire.

Lost In Darkness

A Terrifying Duelist

There’s a new player in town – a frightening duelist everyone is scared to take on. His darkness cards mess with challenger’ mind, making it impossible to rule the duel.

It will take all the advice of Shobu’s ancestors for him to find the strength to face the darkness.

The Second Captain Underpants Collection

Join George Beard- Harold Hutchins and the amazing Captain Underpants on three of their most incredible adventures yet! Watch them wrestle the wicked Wedgie Woman. Beware as they battle the Bionic Bogger Boy. Rejoice as they resist the ridiculous RObotBOogers ...

Model Essays 3

Model Essays allows learners to acquire ideas, techniques and knowledge of common composition topics by reading and studying well-written essays.Key Features:• Wide range of topics and text types with description of text structure• Vocabulary section explains meaning of difficult words used in the essay• Guided writing assignment to practice skills acquired


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