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Topical Grammar Practice

Topical Grammar Practice provides complete and systematic coverage of grammar through practice in frequently used assessment formats.

Grammar | 6 books

Topic by Topic Dictionary

Topic by Topic Dictionary arranges words and phrases thematically in 101 units under 20 themes. This novel approach of listing words by topic helps learners acquire vocabulary faster.

Reference | 1 book

Step-Up Grammar

Step-Up Grammar uses a structured approach to help learners develop comprehensive and systematic understanding of grammar.

Grammar | 6 books

Step Up Comprehension Skills

Step Up Comprehension Skills helps learners comprehend texts at literal, inferential and evaluative levels to approach all comprehension questions with confidence.

Comprehension | 6 books

Primary Writing

Primary Writing provides in-depth coverage of key writing skills to improve learners’ writing at word, sentence and text levels.

Writing | 6 books

Prepare for PSLE

Prepare for PSLE series is based on the new 2015 format for the English paper. It provides targeted practice and intensive revision on the various areas of the English paper.

Assessment | 4 books

My Word Bank

My Word Bank reinforces retention of key vocabulary and enables learners to build up a personal bank of useful words.

Vocabulary | 1 book

Model Essays

Model Essays allows learners to acquire ideas, techniques and knowledge of common composition topics by reading and studying well-written essays.

Writing | 3 books

Learning by Module Comprehension Strategies

Learning by Module Comprehension Strategies provides focused comprehension practice.

Comprehension | 2 books

Grammar Skills

Grammar Skills helps learners acquire and apply key grammar skills in the context of use. It provides practice at word, sentence and text levels.

Grammar | 6 books


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