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Exploring Reading

Exploring Reading is an exciting anthology of passages in a variety of genres. It provides reading practice and develops language skills in an enjoyable way.

Reading | 6 books

Comprehensive Learner's Dictionary

Comprehensive Learner’s Dictionary focuses on language use and vocabulary development. It helps learners achieve fluency in idiomatic English speech and writing.

Reference | 1 book

Essential Vocabulary In Context

Essential Vocabulary in Context uses a thematic approach to help learners acquire and use common vocabulary meaningfully and effectively.

Vocabulary | 6 books

Comprehension Strategies for Success

Comprehension Strategies for Success helps learners acquire key comprehension strategies to tackle different text types more effectively.

Comprehension | 6 books

Composition Strategies

Composition Strategies uses a step-by-step approach to help learners become proficient writers of different text types.

Writing | 6 books


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