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Complete Comprehension Practice

Complete Comprehension Practice provides focused and extensive reading comprehension and viewing skills practice in frequently used assessment formats.

Comprehension | 6 books

Chinese In Action

Idioms are an important part of the Chinese language. This series of four books aims to enhance the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the rich variety of Chinese idioms using simple stories and humorous graphics.

Chinese Reference | 4 books

Character Development

Character Development serves as an invaluable resource for students and teachers engaged in values education.

Civic & Moral | 1 book

Basic | Essential | Complete English Grammar

Basic • Essential • Complete English Grammar offers a systematic and comprehensive study of English grammar. The well-organized content structure makes it a handy reference suitable for self-study.

Grammar | 3 books

Adventures in Reading

Adventures in Reading uses high interest passages to engage learners. It develops reading skills, extends general knowledge and instills positive values.

Reading | 6 books

English In Context

English in Context focuses on vocabulary development through contextual use. It shows learners how various aspects of English are actually used.

Reference | 3 books

Active Reading

Active Reading contains high-interest reading texts with exercises to develop learners’ comprehension, thinking and discussion skills.

Reading | 3 books

Focus on Comprehension

Focus on Comprehension provides rigorous guidance to develop comprehension skills and prepare learners for formal assessments.

Comprehension | 4 books

Grammar Plus

Grammar Plus is a complete grammar course covering all key areas of grammar. It provides step-by-step progression from grammar at word to sentence to text levels.

Grammar | 4 books


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