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Jonathan Fenske

I am the author and illustrator of the children's picture books, I'm Fun, Too! (the first-ever LEGO® picture book), Plankton Is Pushy and Barnacle Is Bored. New titles include the first of a three-book series called A Crabby Book: Hello, Crabby! (from Scholastic’s new Acorn imprint.) Reading books to my own children has been one of the best experiences of my life. Watching them dive into books and sharing the adventures of their favorite characters was the impetus for writing and illustrating my own stories. I have a BFA in Sculpture from Clemson University.

Norm Feuti

Norm Feuti is a syndicated cartoonist, author, and freelance illustrator living in Massachusetts.

Hazel Quintanilla

Lives in Guatemala. She studied graphic design, followed by an MA where she specialized in illustration. She has produced work for numerous brands, magazines, and books, illustrating over fifty children's stories published in the US and worldwide. Her work has won several awards in the advertising field and illustration. Hazel loves animals, pj´s, and sketchbooks. She really enjoys spending time drawing in company of her husband and their dogs. She is currently developing an illustrated children´s furniture brand in her free time.

Heather Ayris Burnell

You want to know about me? Wow! That’s so nice of you! As you have probably already figured out, I love to write books for kids. Especially if I can make them funny. I like funny books. I’m a librarian. I get to talk to people about books and put together fun programs. If you haven’t stopped by your library lately, you should! Libraries are super fun places to be! You might even be able to check out a copy of one of my books there. I live in a small town in Washington State on an organic garlic farm with my husband, our three amazing kids, two barky dogs, and one demanding cat.

Robert M. Edsel

Robert M. Edsel has had at least three clearly defined successful careers in his 61 years in a wide variety of fields. From his beginnings as a nationally ranked tennis player, to building a leading oil and gas exploration business that pioneered the use of horizontal drilling technology, to his achievements as a #1 New York Times Bestselling author writing about and representing heroes of civilization we today know as the Monuments Men, Robert has used his innate curiosity and love of learning to bring excellence, innovation, and integrity to all that he does.

One True Way

Allie and Sam are classmates at Daniel Boone Middle School. Allie and Sam are friends. Allie and Sam are girls. Allie and Sam are falling for each other.
It's 1977, and girls who like girls are forced to question their choices. One True Way is a story that widens the heart and sheds light on what it means to be different while at the same time being wholly true to oneself.


A bold, groundbreaking novel about coming out, coming into your own, and coming apart. Vanilla and Hunter have been dating since seventh grade.They came out together, navigated middle school together, and became that couple in high school that everyone always sees as a couple.There are complications and confusions, for sure. But most of all, they love each other. As high school goes, though, and as their relationship deepens,some cracks begin to show. Hunter thinks they should be having sex. Vanilla isn't so sure. Hunter doesn't mind hanging out with loud, obnoxious friends.

Sink Or Swim

Inspired by the true story of the youngest boy who served in World War II, Steve Watkins weaves a story of courage in the face of danger and hope in the face of defeat.


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