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Marie Stadelmann

Amy Marie Stadelmann did not grow up with a sister who was a witch, or with a talking pig. But she did grow up with a very active imagination! She often imagined that she had magical powers and could talk to animals. Like Olive, Amy loves reading and is curious about the world around her. And, like Beatrix, she is horribly afraid of spiders! Amy lives in Brooklyn, New York, with a non-talking dog. Olive & Beatrix is her first children's book series.

Phung Nguyen Quang and Huynh Kim Lien

Phung Nguyen Quang is 26 and a professional author and illustrator of children books, living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Nguyen Quang believes that every book is a separate world which can fire children's curiosity and imagination.

Huynh Kim Lien lives in Ho Chi Minh City. A writer as well as an illustrator of children’s books, Kim Lien participated as an illustrator in the Children’s Books Publishing Programme by Room to Read in Vietnam.

Meredith Costain

Jeremy Tankard

Jeremy Tankard is the author and illustrator of some very silly picture books including Grumpy Bird, Boo Hoo Bird, Hungry Bird and Me Hungry.

Andy Lee


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