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Shh, Can You Hear? (with CD & StoryPlus)

Students will practice listening skills and respect in the classroom as they read and sing along. Text is paired with engaging music and colorful illustrations.

GS Classic Tales #8: Gulliver's Travels

Lemuel Gulliver is only truly happy when he is traveling the open sea. His thirst for adventure leads him to discover fantastic lands filled with creatures no one has ever seen before. Join him as he meets the tiny Lilliputians, the giants of Brobdingnag, the Laputa scientists, and the Houyhnhnm horses!G

Sharing Time! (with CD & StoryPlus)

Students will learn that sharing time can be fun when spent with classmates and friends. Read and sing along to practice this important skill. Text is paired with engaging music and colorful illustrations.

The Scared Elephant (with CD & StoryPlus)

Elephant is scared of the dark, and Spider is afraid she might get stepped on. But with help from their friends, they learn how to overcome their fears. Learn about emotions as you read and sing-along. 

The Sad Squirrel (with CD & StoryPlus)

Squirrel is sad that summer in ending and all the flowers are going away. But with Crow's help, he learns to enjoy the changing seasons and to understand his feelings of sadness. Learn about emotions as you read and sing-along.

Happy Campers

Ella and Olivia cant wait to go camping for the first time! But will their tricky cousins spoil all the fun? 

Grandma And The Things That Stay the Same (with StoryPlus)

It's time for our yearly reunion dinner with Grandma. We love Grandma but, oh dear, is she going to ask those same questions again? They can be rather tiring. But, maybe, the answers aren't that important after all.

Sleepy Bird

Bird's friends are settling in for the night. But Bird is not tired. His wings want to flap. His legs want to run.

Hungry Bird

Bird is hiking with his friends when his tummy rumbles.


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