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Pig the Grub (with CD & StoryPlus)

Eww! What a stinker! Pig is not just the worlds greediest Pug, he is the DIRTIEST too. Its high time he had a bath! But try telling Pig that...

Gifts (with CD & StoryPlus)

Grandma is taking a trip around the world, and she's bringing back wonderful gifts for everyone!

Stink-o-Saurus (with CD & StoryPlus)

Stan was a rare dinosaur, a one of a kind. Most from their front, HIS roar came from his BEHIND! Youll split your pants laughing at Stan, the worlds only STINK-O-SAURUS. But can his stinky antics save the day and keep Tommy T-Rex far away? From the creators of the hilarious Jingle Bells, Rudolph Smells and Nee Naw the Little Fire Engine.

Pluto Visits Earth

Pluto visits Earth in a truly out-of-this-world adventure!

Dreams are Calling

As the night falls, adventure begins with a tale of a mother encouraging a child to face the darkness and what lies ahead. A beautiful tale filled with whimsical illustrations for bedtime!

Dragonflies, Jigsaws and Seashells (2016)

Dragonflies, Jigsaws and a Rainbow is an assortment of stories, featuring characters like a retired school-teacher, a mynah, a colour-blind child, and a pair of siblings who rarely get along. With urban stories about a boy whose father is in the army and a glassblower’s daughter, rural stories about a village school and the peanut harvest, and fantasy stories about a creature called Moonstone and the colours of a rainbow, this collection explores the joy and variety of storytelling.

Janggan The Dragon Kite (2015)

To celebrate the harvest festival, dragon kites, or Janggan, take to the skies. Wira is determined that his family’s Janggan will win the flying competition, until he sees his friend Yoga’s majestic kite. Does Wira’s Janggan still stand a chance? And will the boys’ friendship survive if Yoga’s kite wins?
Set around the cultural festivities of Bali, Janggan Dragon Kite features the story of a young boy who discovers the value of friendship over winning a competition.

The First Journey (2015)

During the Mekong Delta's 'floating season', when the great river overflows, An and others like him must brave the floods to attend school. When An sets out on his own for the first time, he faces heavy rain and the mysteries of the dark Melaleuca swamp. But although strange dangers lurk in the water, An takes comfort in knowing that his friends are waiting for him at the end of his first journey alone.

The Laughing Monster

Nine-year-old Randau is afraid of new people and places because his mother is afraid. In a moment of bravado during his first visit to Singapore, he leaves the hotel then loses his way in the streets. He accidentally travels 100 years to the past and meets Kai, the traveller of islands. Kai talks about the traveller s rule and helps Randau return to modern-day Singapore to be reunited with his parents. After spending two days seeing the island through his father s eyes, Randau promises to grow up into a brave traveller.


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