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Wandering Off (2015)

Lucas faces a long, boring wait when his Mum goes shopping at the wet market, but a new friend helps him turn a dull afternoon into an exciting, fun-filled one. This energetic and colourful story celebrates the power of the imagination and how it can transform the world into anything at all.

Codex (2016)

When a discovery that might be the key to deciphering the mysterious script of the Indus Valley Civilisation proves to be a puzzle in three languages, it’s a job for Codex, who’s a linguist, mathematician and all-round geek. But Codex soon discovers that this isn’t like anything she’s done before. As the sinister implications of the find become apparent, Codex must work with Agent Lila Raman to get to the bottom of a four-thousand-year-old mystery.

Dragonhearted (2014)

Xin Long is like any ordinary ten-year-old girl. She prefers Wushu to studying, likes hanging out with her friends, and loves listening to her Ah Ma's stories. But when these stories tell of an ancient mythical beast that threatens to destroy the world, Xin Long realises that she is the only one who can stop it. Can she destroy this evil? As time flies by, Xin Long and her friends Shu Ping, Four Eyes, and dragon guardian Xiao Lan must unlock the secrets of ancient Chinese mythology to find a way to stop the end of the world.

What Things Mean (2014)

What does it mean to be different? Fourteen-year-old Olive is struggling to find out. Everything about her is so different from the rest of her family. She is big-haired, brown-skinned, and clumsy in a family of cream-coloured beauties who are all popular and good at sports . It must be she closely resembles her father, whom she has never known, and about whom her mother never speaks. Olive turns to books and other things to find answers, and as a way to cope with her loneliness.


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